Levitt Pavilion Denver is more than a concert venue. We are working on a mission to increase access to the arts, however we understand that increased arts access does not begin and end with free concerts. Levitt Pavilion Denver is actively engaged in the community providing access to ancillary services and programs that benefit both aspiring musicians as well as seasoned professionals. We invite you to be an active participant in helping us Build Community Through Music.  Below you will find the programs that we curate:


The Colorado Music Collective (CMC) is a community based collaborative effort curated by Levitt Pavilion Denver. The program is designed to connect and strengthen the Colorado Music scene through advocacy and monthly networking events.

The monthly CMC events work to encourage and foster connections between music industry professionals, artists, students, and those interested in learning about the Colorado music scene. In-depth interviews of industry professionals provide valuable insight into the inner workings of the industry.

The CMC meets the first Tuesday of each month at Syntax Physic Opera from 6:00 - 8:00pm. They are often followed by an artist open-mic session. These monthly events combine networking with hot seat discussions focusing on current issues pertinent to Colorado based music industry professionals. 

In 2016, Swallow Hill Music and Levitt Pavilion Denver agreed to a partnership in conjunction with Great Divide to provide FREE music lessons at Swallow Hill for kids in the Ruby Hill/Godsman area. In December, Great Divide placed Swallow Hill in their tap room as a non-profit partner and donated a percentage of all sales to Swallow Hill specifically to be used for this program.

This program, “BandStart” will identify students from elementary schools in the Ruby Hill/Godsman neighborhood and, not only offer them free lessons, but, through a partnership with Guitar Center, give these students free music instruments as well. Eventually, these students will be given an opportunity to perform their learned music on Levitt Pavilion Denver or Swallow Hill Music stage at select events. Lessons will occur at Godsman elementary.

This partnership will benefit children excited about music and allow participating organizations to show they are actively involved in their community and committed to helping shape Denver’s youth.