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THE INAUGURAL REGGAE ON THE GRASS - Presented by Westword, Colorado Harvest Company, Bloodpressah and KGNU Community Radio

  • Levitt Pavilion Denver 1380 West Florida Avenue Denver, CO, 80223 United States (map)


THE INAUGURAL REGGAE ON THE GRASS - Presented by Westword, Colorado Harvest Company, Bloodpressah and KGNU Community Radio

Reggae On The Grass  will provide attendants with a multicultural collection of Reggae music, Live Reggae Bands, Dj's , vendors and cuisine. The festival is intended to produce a family-friendly atmosphere oriented toward celebrating the Reggae Music in our community. We are proud to present an exciting line-up of 24 different Reggae All-Stars Including: Rasta Stevie, BloodPreshah, The Denver Vintage Reggae Society, and many more artists & top-ranking Reggae DJS  and Live Reggae Bands all from Colorado.


All Ages | General Admission Lawn
Doors at 4:00 PM | Show at 5:00 PM
This event is Rain or Shine.

Food Trucks: Hecho Colorado, LaRue Bayou, RagBag Bistro, Peaceful Creations, Illegal Pete's

Emcee Rasta Stevie

Rasta Stevie is a true renaissance event host. With 30+ years in the festival/event industry, he is the internationally recognizable emcee who utilizes his captivating stage presence an unmistakable voice to create a higher level of professional entertainment presentation, full of excitement, experience, history and vitality. 

Colorado Binghistra

The Colorado Binghistra featuring Harry Mo, Empress Makeda Fair and RasMoses combines traditional Nyahbinghi drumming, chants, and prayers alongside acoustic string and wind instruments. Experience the heartical vibes of Rastafari and the roots of reggae music. Nyahbinghi carries the spiritual fire of the ancestors, the ceremonial spirit of love for all humanity and protection against the oppressive system through word, sound and power.

Koral Delatierra of Niceness

Koral Delatierra is a California born / Colorado grown singer/songwriter, organic farmer, permaculture designer, artist, activist and coach. In 2014 she began her journey as frontwoman for what is now the 9 piece reggae band, NICENESS, hailing from Telluride, CO! Having released their debut album "Sunshine" in 2017, Niceness is currently working on their second album due out in early 2019. Inspired by the likes of recording artist and civil rights activist Nina Simone, the dynamic and soulful gospel prodigy Etta James and of course the roots revolutionary Robert Nesta Marley, the band's sound integrates elements of soul, funk, latin and hip-hop while Koral's lyrics reflect the life she's created, weaving together her purpose and passion while embodying a message focused on love, personal responsibility, interdependence, and sustainability. Art in action!

Logan LaValley

Born February 6 th , 1994 in Nova Scotia, Canada & raised in Austin, Texas. Up & coming Multi-instrumentalist/ singer-songwriter Logan LaValley has made a unique impact in the reggae scene since 2012. Sharing a birthday with Bob Marley, LaValley, also brings a passionate spiritual vibration to his live performances. His style eluding to the polished mystique of the famous lead singers of the 1960’s and 70’s, LaValley, has frequently been compared to charismatic revolutionary heroes of the era like Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison. Logan has lived in Colorado since October 2015 and is currently attending University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

LaValley has performed as direct support with world renowned reggae acts (including but not limited to): The Wailing Souls, The Gladiators, Tribal Seeds, Collie Buddz, Midnite, Don Carlos, Tanya Stephens, Marlon Asher, Perfect Giddimani, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Toasters, The Inverters, Fortunate Youth, EN Young, Ras Attitude, Dutty Bookman, Mike Love, Josh Heinrichs, Alex Marley, Mighty Mystic, Machet, The Expanders, Iya Terra, Pacific Dub, Natural Vibrations, Through The Roots, The L81z, Kash’d Out, Arden Park Roots, Roots of a Rebellion, Sol Seed, Jahdan Blakkamore, Illuminati Congo, Tatanka.

Nase Face

Nason Lamb was born in Durango and grew up in Telluride, Colorado. He goes by his nickname Nase and is excited to try and enter into the musical arena. He grew up working in his parents music store and was exposed to music at a young age through his father. His father, Dave Lamb taught nason various fiddle tunes on the guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Although an accomplished musician at bluegrass styles, nason's real influences include roots reggae, 90s hip hop, and Latin rythyms. His first cassette tape was Arrested Development's "3 years, 5 Months and 2 Days In The Life Of..." He fell in love with Bob Marley the first time he heard him traveling back from a soccer match in the four corners. So come out and show your face, show some support for the newcomer nase.

Roots Writer David Daniels

David Daniels is an Award Winning Playwright,Spoken Word Artist,and Storyteller and Founder of the Reggae Theatre Ensemble. Noted for the Reggae Theater Classic Malcolm X Meet Peter Tosh,his plays have been performed across the United States and in Europe 

He has shared the stage with The Wailers,Bob Marley Archivist Roger Steffens and Linton Kwezi Johnson as well as collaborated with Acoustic Blues guitarist Charlie Parr.

Ras Marcus Benjamin

Ras Marcus Benjamin, has been writing and performing Dub Poetry for over 20 years, he has 1 book of poems released "Dub Talking" and several Dub Poetry Songs released over the years as well as a brand new Nyabinghi Dub Poetry album "Dub Talking" released summer of 2013. 

Denver Vintage Reggae Society

Based around the love for and preservation of 60’s & 70’s Reggae and the celebration of personal creativity and uniqueness. 7 years and going strong, the DVRS host a reggae night on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Goosetown Tavern in Denver. Filled with top notch vintage reggae spun by the DVRS deejays.

The Groove Thief - Pomegranate Hi Fi

An American dub and reggae connoisseur previously based out of Hong Kong, The Groove Thief [TGT] is now living in Denver, Colorado, USA. Including the influential Pomegranate club residency (an A/V collaboration with ▶▶△) underground dance mecca oma, TGT promoted countless events featuring local & international artists while in Hong Kong. Here in Colorado with his Pomegranate Hi Fi sound system, he’s organized backyard boogies, guerrilla pop-ups, and sponsored collaborations, plus he’s a co-coordinator of the Reggae On Da Fax: Irie Fridays weekly, Denver’s only night celebrating roots reggae and sound system culture.

Ras Moses

RasMoses (sounds like osmosis) is originally from New York City now in Colorado (Ganjarado).. RasMoses has traveled from Ethiopia to India chanting in the Himalayas to the Nyahbinghi Tabernacles in the hills of Jamaica and Shashamene. He has shared stages with international bands and artists such as Black Uhuru, Kabaka Pyramid, Ras Attitude, Aba Mar, Julian Marley, Dre Tosh, Machete, and The Meditations 

His unique fiya chanting of devotion to H.I.M. JAH Rastafari is taking the world by storm bringing Amharic, Hebrew, Sanskrit and English prayers backed by heavy dub roots reggae music.
RasMoses lead Nyahbinghi ceremonies as well Meditation and Spiritual Warrior workshops. He is initiated into the ancient Kriya Meditation practice that was mastered by Haile Selassie The First, Christ, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, and Yogananda. 

Gracie Bassie

Grace Kruse was born high in the Rocky mountains of Colorado. This multi faceted bassista is soon to release her first Single/production "I Don't Worry"...

Getting her start in her hometown of Durango, Colorado, Gracie Bassie has long been moved by the reggae culture and music by surrounding herself with inspiring influences that have helped her to become the confident yet humble musician/artist she is today. In 2008, Gracie bought her first bass guitar and was taught how to play her bass like a real "rootswoman" with guidance of Jamaican producer Lincoln Jarrett. From there she formed A-DUB-ROCK Band, with Jarrett, Douglas Clay, and her Brother Cuatro Kruse, opening up for acts such as The Mighty Diamonds and Sister Carol. Soon after she was performing around Southern California and then at Reggae on the River with Marlon Asher. She recieved a call from musical idol Anthony B, asking her to join his band in Kingston, Jamaica whom she toured with until later residing in Kingston and playing with Earl "Chinna" Smith's "Inna di Yaad" band, backing Max Romeo and his children, alongside Leroy "Horsemouth" drummer from the famous Jamaican movie "Rockers" and many other talented musicians and artistes. As much as she loved to play bass, she loved even more to sing while playing bass, landing her gigs in Kingston and beyond. These experiences have helped her to cultivate a talent that is an undeniable and powerful force which cannot be ignored. Gracie's sound is a perfectly-blended mix consisting of classic old school dub tributes and her own original soon-to-be released songs with a few surprises thrown in for your listening pleasure. #beyourself

Harry Mo & The Crew

Harry Mo’s musical journey started from his youthful days on his native Eastern Caribbean island of Waitikubuli also known as Dominica, singing in school and church choirs and continues to this day as a Rastafari Souljah and professional artist/musician. It was in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1995 that he started his first band called Mountain Reggae after some time in the US Army. Harry Mo has stayed true to the mission with a vast amount of work done over the years as a backing musician, road sound engineer and solo artist, touring many countries and throughout the United States. As a singer he is well known in the US Virgin Islands where he first entered US soil and resided for many years, the French Caribbean and Europe where he has toured often in recent years promoting his four studio albums and performing on major festivals and clubs. His most recent album titled Roots & Lovers is a reggae classic. His fifth studio album tilted Thank You Jamaica, recorded in France and Colorado is due for official release in April 2018. Harry Mo is a multi instrumentalist and can perform with or without the guitar or keyboards. 

His strong and soulful singing with inspiring, well crafted lyrics, will remind you of Peter Tosh or Dennis Brown. Please get to know teacher Harry and his music. He will be coming to a town near you soon. 


DJ BloodPreshah is Colorado's Premier Reggae Music DJ and Reggae Music Specialist. He has been involved in the Reggae Music Industry for over 20 years, As a Top DJ, Audio Engineer,On Air Talent, Booking Agent, and Promoter. His Extensive Reggae Music Industry Knowledge and entertainment experience are well-formed from both a client perspective and a business perspective. Over the last fifteen years he has: 

Been featured in Local Colorado and International Newspapers and Magazines for his unique talents including being recognized as One of the best reggae dj / programmers in the area.
Been Hired by many local nightclub and concert venue owners/booking agents to perform and support headling acts for numerous local and regional reggae music events. 

DJ BloodPreshah has additionally travelled around the US as a DJ opening events and as an Audio Engineer for live Reggae Music Bands and Live Concert Events.
Serves As the host on Local Reggae Radio Programs including Reggae Bloodlines, Reggae TransFusion, and Dub Palace on 88.5FM KGNU,Boulder Ft. Collins. 

BloodPreshah's unrivaled devotion to reggae music and entertainment industry experience have placed him at the top of the Local Reggae Music Scene and earned him both local, and regional recognition, awards, and has made him one of the most sought after dj's in the industry.

Levi Vermont

Levi grew up in Jamaica in Jonestown, a rough neighborhood. Instead of choosing a life of a Shotta, he chose love and music. He started free styling for his classmates at a young age, having all his friends beating on their desks to his lyrics. His Ethiopian heritage and Kingston 12 roots influenced his early love for Reggae and Dancehall. As a young teenager in Jamaica, he used to sneak out of his house to go see Super Cat perform at the community center in Jonestown. As a young man, he started performing in New York City clubs and has continued his love for Dancehall and performance throughout his life. His musical influences include Bob Marley, The Late Great Early B and Super Cat. 

Mondo Rock

Born in Los Angeles California to immigrant parents raised up in Chula Vista California a suburb of San Diego. Fell In love with Reggae music in high school around 1991 when I first heard Don Carlos and Gold “Hog and Goat” album. I studied music in high school and shortly after was playing in reggae bands . I played bass in many backing bands and have had the honor of playing shows with Triston Palma, Horace Martin, Likkle John , Micheal Palmer Wayne Smith and many more . Presently I’m playing with Iron Roots Reggae and working on a Latin Reggae Group here to get going soon ! I love Reggae music from the heart and will always play Roots. Un Amo.


This Reggae singer named Spellbinder has been performing in the city of Denver and nation wide since about 1990.

He alongside DJ Knee, DJ Style-n-Fashion, Dj Timbuk, helped to bring Reggae into the nightclubs and to the ears and hearts of Denver Hip Hop fans and Mc’s and Dancers, who only had the experience of seeing reggae with a live band. Spellbinder began performing Reggae songs over hip hop records before it became common and commercial.

Spellbinder has worked with numerous artistes and DJ’s such as Afrika Bambatta, Ziggy Marley, Don Carlos, Burning

Spear, Dj Uplifter, DJ BloodPreshah, DJ Yahru El Guru, Ronnie Size, Anthony B, Jr Gong, Turbulence, Johnny Osbourne, Youthman Promotion Soundsystem, Beres Hammond to name a few… Spellbinder has recieved numerous musical awards, and has recorded 10 albums, available on his website

As an artiste, and a humanitarian, Spellbinder and his music comes with a message! No matter who you are or where

You come from, if what you are doing makes you happy, complete, humble, loving and kind, and if what your doing brings no harm to anyone, then keep doing it! We are on borrowed time, so embrace life, friends, and live to love and love to learn, and see the truth in all things.