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Why Levitt Pavilion Beat Red Rocks as Denver's Best Outdoor Venue

The diversity of the past season — with an emphasis on Spanish-language and bilingual bands — makes Levitt a spot for discovering emerging groups as well. If finding out about new music is your passion, there's no better place to do so without shelling out your paycheck...while also taking comfort in the fact that artists are being paid industry standards.

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If You Build (Or Upgrade) It, They Will Come: 20 Venues To Watch

Levitt Pavilion Denver completed its first full year of outdoor programming in 2018 as the latest permanent venue funded in part by the Levitt Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to reinvigorating public spaces through the performing arts. Denver-based architects Joseph Montalbano and Jared Floyd designed the pavilion -- with tilt-up concrete side wings, a protruding steel roof canopy and an intertwining ribbon of metal mesh -- to resemble an unwrapped present when viewed from above. The gift of the foundation to the city of Denver is now hosting 50 free concerts a year and additional admission-based shows produced by Levitt partner Emporium Presents, now majority-owned by Live Nation.

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